Set in a green valley to the south of Kyoto, Uji is a beautiful city with a number of fascinating historic sites clustered on the banks of the fast-flowing Uji-gawa River and famed for its green tea, its World Heritage sites, and its association with the Tale of Genji – the world’s first novel. Most of these locations can easily be visited in the course of a single day.

ICEAP takes the pleasure to welcome you to visit Uji and to see what it has to offer. Please kindly refer to the itinerary below:

Tour Registration Deadline: October 13th, 2019


Socializing Event - Delegates: USD $110

Socializing Event - Accompanying Person: USD $130

(Please make a reservation in advance, as on-site registration is unacceptable.)

Registration Fees include:

Lunch, Experience of Japanese Tea Ceremony, Tickets, and Transportation

Points to take notes:

1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier for gathering. The bus will not wait for any personal excuses. No refund will be issued under the circumstances that the delegates miss the tour bus.

2. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes without luggage is recommended.

3. Participants should follow the given instructions. The tour guide and the committee are not responsible for the participants’ leave without notice or personal activities.

4. The conference committee holds the right to readjust or reschedule the itinerary due to weather, traffic, or any irresistible reasons.

Refund & Cancellation

If the participants cancel the tour due to personal reasons, a refund is not available. Please contact us for any inquiry by email to