2019 ICEAP
The 5th International Conference on Education and Psychology (ICEAP 2019)
December 17th to 19th, 2019Kyoto, Japan

Keynote Address
Dr. Malcolm Sim
Akita International University (AIU), Japan
Dr. Malcolm Sim has been involved in language education for over 20 years and has worked both in Australia and Japan. His interests lie in applied linguistics and psychology and how they interact in TESOL and EMI contexts.More recently, Dr. Sim has been involved in the development of a liberal arts-based corporate training program at AIU that is engaged in assisting Japanese business professionals to further enhance their cross-cultural engagement and communication skills. He is inspired by research that holds the potential for the eventual development of refined methods and practices that may be utilized in higher education classrooms and beyond; efforts that may ultimately assist with practical theory, tools and exercises that teachers, students and everyday workers can employ to further their professional and personal goals.
Title: Back to Basics: Engagement and Affinity into 2020
Most of us would agree that life these days, be it professional or social, does not appear to be slowing down and there always seems to be more on our to-do list that requires our attention and effort. The speed and volume of messaging and information sharing, no matter the mode or platform, has increased and it is becoming popular for people to talk about becoming ‘unplugged’. However, does this mean we are now better connected to each other, or have we also lost something in this whirlwind of digital interaction and content?
Together we will explore some practical and instantly applicable ways that you, individually, can not only assess your pragmatic skills but build upon them to carve out new levels of inner communicative confidence. By actively assisting our communication skills to evolve in certain ways we are also developing the most essential building blocks of our psychological well-being. In this vein, it is intended that this small talk will introduce some achievable methods and strategies to allow us to become more emotionally intelligent; hopefully leading to greater self-awareness, better self-management, increased empathy, and enhanced relationship skills.
Engagement, international business, communication, pragmatics, anxiety & stress, self-development, relationship building, listening
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